The Summer of 1985

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The Summer of 1985

During the summer of 1985, my husband, Dave, and I had been asked to participate in our church summer camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. Dave would be the camp doctor while I would be the vocalist. It was quite an honor because the camp had first class speakers and was very well attended. At the same time I was experiencing some disturbing physical symptoms that my neurologist was suspicioning as multiple sclerosis. Especially in the heat of summer, my legs felt like they had 10 lb. weights attached to them.

By the time camp began I was thankfully feeling stronger but after the first performance was exhausted so I went to my favorite rock to pray and rest. Immediately I fell asleep and began to dream I was in a wheelchair, raising my hands and singing praises to God. When I awoke, the dream puzzled me for two reasons. Why was I in a wheelchair and how could I be praising God in that condition? His presence was very apparent as the Spirit assured me that, “whatever condition you are in, I will use you.”

Of course I knew God’s promise in Luke 1:37 and 18:27 that with Him all things are possible, and II Corinthians 12:9 He promises that His power is made perfect in weakness. But I had trouble applying those promises to my life. What a blessed assurance. It’s true that even Christians are fearful of using performers in wheelchairs, but after I sing they tend to wonder why they were fearful.

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